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The Oregon Sweet Cherry Commission (OSCC) was formed in 1989 by a majority vote of cherry growers in the state.  

The purpose of the commission is to coordinate assessment revenue collected for research to improve agricultural practices and cherry production and to participate in promotional efforts to increase cherry sales domestically and internationally.

The mission of the Oregon Sweet Cherry Commission is to enhance the image of the sweet cherry industry and to increase opportunities for profitability through promotion, education, research, tracking and commenting on legislation and regulations in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the commission.

The 11 members of the commission are appointed by the Director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) from names submitted by application and industry recommendation. Eight commissioners shall represent the producer sector of the industry, two shall be handlers, and one shall be a member of the public.

Producer 1 - Kristoff Fowler                             Producer 2 - JD Walker, Treasurer

Producer 3 - Ian Chandler, Chair                    Producer 4 - Wade Root

Producer 5 - Jeff Heater, Vice Chair                Producer 6 - Tony Guisto

Producer 7 - Stacey Cooper                             Producer 8 - Michael Omeg

Handler 1 - Brandon Cable                              Handler 2 - Sue Root

Public Member - Kerry Newberry



The Oregon Sweet Cherry Commission, in partnership with the Washington Small Tree Fruit Commission fund research pertinent to to the industry and Sweet Cherries grown in the Pacific Northwest.


Assessments are collected and paid by first handlers or by the producers if more than one ton (Fresh) cherries are sold directly from their farm, for example through a U-pick operation or through a farm stand or farmer's market dealer.

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